Crèches and Day Family Associations

USI does not run a nursery service of its own, but relies on existing facilities and resources for child-care outside the home, recognised or authorised by Ticino Department of Health and Social Services:

Members of USI's academic community wishing or needing to place their children (aged 0 to 3-4 years) in such facilities may contact the Equal Opportunities Representative to obtain more information on vacancies (particularly on crèches in Lugano and Mendrisio with which the University has negotiated preferential terms and conditions) and/or to seek one-to-one advice on existing opportunities for reconciling work and family life responsibilities.

Members of the University community with limited income may apply for financial assistance to cover nursery and child-care costs. This is in accordance with appropriate provisions in the University's Guidelines (pdf, 45 Kb).

To apply, please complete the appropriate form and return it to the following address:

Equal Opportunities Service
Università della Svizzera italiana
Dr Arianna Carugati-Giugliano
Via G. Buffi 13 (Room 257)
CH-6904 Lugano

Applications are assessed by an ad-hoc Commission, which decides whether and how much USI is prepared to allocate, case by case. The amount of the subsidy is calculated on the basis of the gross income of the parents with whom the child or children share a household, after deduction of housing costs, travel fares, dependents, and other recurrent expenses. It is the parents' responsibility to contact the child-care centres, to select and eventually sign a contract with the one that best satisfies their requirements (a list of approved facilities is provided herewith). USI makes regular monthly payments directly to the chosen child-care centre according the rate agreed. The parents pay the balance, directly to the crèche concerned or the Association of Day Families.