The Equal Opportunities Service

The Equal Opportunities Service promotes gender equality and a culture of non-discrimination and better appreciation of difference at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI).

Since 2001, the Service has focused on:

  • bringing about working and study conditions that are compatible with family life;
  • achieving a fairer presence of women and men at all levels of the academic ladder, especially at the tenured-professor rank, promoting and enhancing the career paths of aspiring women academics;
  • spreading a culture of equal opportunities and against discrimination.

To alert and inform the academic community to equal opportunities subjects, the Equal Opportunities Service provides advice on issues like maternity, crèches and child-care, on how to adjust study curricula to personal needs, on how to tackle conflicts in the workplace; organises workshops, events and meetings to alert and inform the academic community on issues relating to equal opportunities; develops publications and statistics on the condition of women.

For more detailed information, or to fix an appointment for personal advice, please contact the Service.